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    Call us at 703 255 7100 Maple Cleaners Laundry 348 Maple Ave West Vienna VA 22180

    Affordable Dry Cleaners | Wash Dry Fold | Pickup and Delivery Service | Same Day Dry Cleaning

    Dry Cleaning

    Our expert team takes the extra time with utmost care to

    Rugs & Blankets

    Our professional staff will clean your rugs, blankets and


    Whether you need a new button or zipper, or to fix an

    Wedding Gowns

    Remember your special day by entrusting your gown to our


    Maple Cleaners is more than just another option for regular dry cleaning. In addition to your shirts, slacks, dresses, and jackets, bring us your comforters, blankets, small rugs, uniforms, choir robes, a wedding dress, or an Indian sari. We even help with alterations. Men’s cotton shirts are laundered and pressed for $2.99 & up and our professional dry cleaning services are $5.99 & up. When you do not have enough time in the day, we offer a convenient Wash, Dry, and Fold laundry drop-off service for $1.99 a pound (15 pounds minimum, $2.49 a pound children clothes). Besides, our tailor is on-site and ready to fix your zipper or hem your dress professionally. We are located at 348 Maple Avenue West Vienna VA 22180. It is a 5 to 15-minute convenient drive from our Oakton, Dunn Loring, Tysons, Fairfax, Annandale, and McLean customers. Parking is free in the Jades Shopping Center.

    Same Day Dry Cleaning Service

    Running out of time? Need same-day service? Have a flight to catch? We provide same-day dry cleaning services. Drop your garment by 8.30 am and get them ready by 5 pm. This service is available from Monday to Saturday. Cannot meet the 8.30am deadline? Give us a heads up of your urgency by calling 703 255 7100 and we will do our best to clean your garment on the same day. Same-day dry cleaning dropped after 8.00am shall include an additional charge of $3 to $5 per garment depending on the day and time of drop off.

    Pick up and Delivery Service

    We provide pick-up and delivery service with the $59 order minimum in Northern VA, Washington D.C., and Maryland. Our delivery route includes Washington DC, Vienna, McLean, Dunn Loring, Arlington, Fairfax, Falls Church, Bailey’s Crossroads, Reston, and Tysons. Please give us a call at 703 255 7100 for additional information. Pick up Delivery Service

    Military Uniform Cleaning / Tailoring Service

    We clean military uniforms for Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Space Force units. Some of our staff members have worked at Andrews, Fort Myers, Bolling Air Force, and Fort Belvoir. Need help with military creases? No problem, we can either press on the existing ones or make new ones if you have a new uniform. Our tailor can help sew patches and ranks on your uniforms. Please give us a call at 703 255 7100 for additional information.

    Our dry cleaning & laundry price list (Drop-off in-store)

    Men’s Cotton Shirts: $2.99 to $3.09 depending on Light, Medium, or Heavy Starch options (Machine Pressed)

    Men’s / Women’s Dry Clean Shirts: $5.99 & up depending on the designer’s cleaning instructions (Hand Pressed)

    Skirts, Vests, T-Shirts, D-Shirts, Slacks, Blouses, Jeans: $5.99 & up

    Jackets, Sports Jackets, Blazers: $7.99 & up

    Military Uniforms: $12.99 & up

    Dresses: $11.99 & up

    Gowns / Long Dresses / Kimonos / Choir Robes: $21.99 & up

    Suits: $13.99 & up (Tuxedo Suits: $3 extra)

    Overcoats: $19.99 & up

    Comforters: Twin $21.99, Full $23.99, Queen $26.99, King $29.99 (Down or Heavy materials extra)

    Indian / Ethnic Sarees: $44.99 to $74.99 in most cases

    Indian / Ethnic Blouses: $8.99 to $24.99 depending on beads and embroidery

    Rugs: $3.99 & Up per square foot

    Wash Dry Fold: $1.99 per lb (regular load) or $2.49 per lb children’s  clothes or pet stained clothes

    Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation: $399 to $699

    Tailor/Alterations price list (Drop-off in-store)

    Pants Hem: $19.99 Pants Hem with Custom Fit: $5 extra
    Jeans Regular Hem/Original Hem: $28/$30
    Jackets Take-in: $65 & up
    Jackets Sleeves: $55 & up
    Skirts Hem: $35 & up
    Dress Hem or Zippers: $55 to $85 (Fancy gowns $65 to $125)
    Dress Take-in (Tailored fit): $55 to $95
    Strap Adjustments: $25 to $39
    Bust Adjustments: $55 to $75
    Wedding Gown Alteration: $195 to $595

    Spot & Stain Cleaning Service

    When you drop off items for dry cleaning or laundry, be sure to let us know if anything has a stain such as ink, wine, coffee, salad dressing, makeup, pet urine stains, or something else. Whether it is a garment, bedding, a pillow, or a carpet, stained items require special attention. Because they need to be treated separately from the standard cleaning process, letting us know you have something that requires stain removal ensures it gets the special treatment it requires. The cost may range from $1 to $5 extra per spot depending on the severity of the stain.

    Bring your metal wire hangers to us and help save the planet

    Because of the odd shape of the hooks and the “wiry” form of metal hangers, they get caught on recycling equipment and cause massive damage to the system. This means they cannot be processed in the single-stream recycling bin also known as your household recycling bin. That doesn’t mean they can’t be recycled though! You can bring your metal wire hangers to Maple Cleaners and we will be glad to recycle them for you.
    Wire Hanger Recycling at Dry Cleaners

    Tips to getting the best dry cleaning experience

    Un-button your garments to prolong the life of buttons. Check your pockets for valuables such as coins, bills, wallets, business cards, iPods, and most importantly any type of pens or pencils. Require special care for designer garments and cover special buttons. Describe stains and spots to the counter staff. Recognize that some stains cannot be removed without damaging the garment. For any questions, call us at 703 255 7100.

    Cleaning Garments Affected with Flu, Cold, or Coronavirus

    During this flu season, we are doing our best to give the highest quality garment cleaning service to our customers without charging any additional costs. Please review the following tips for your garments in order to keep your garments clean and your family safe from infections.

    Household Laundry: We recommend separating whites and dark garments. Wash whites with two cups of Clorox Bleach and a half cup of detergent during the wash cycle. Wash darks with two cups of regular strength Ammonia and one cup of detergent. Avoid buying any new clothes when your family is ill because you will have limited time to check for fabric properties, recommended cleaning procedures, and colorfastness. Try to clean all household garments such as towels, bedsheets, pillowcases at the same time to avoid spreading viruses and bacteria.

    Dry Clean Only Garments: We recommend low moisture and high heat (140 to 150 degrees) dry cleaning procedures using solvents approved by your state. Avoid dry cleaners that use various jargons such as green cleaning or eco-friendly cleaning. The key to killing viruses and bacteria is lower moisture in a high-temperature solvent.

    Face Masks for $2.99, $4.99 and $6.99 in Vienna Tysons McLean Arlington

    We Value Customer Satisfaction

    Your satisfaction is important to us. Please call us at 703 255 7100 for any concerns. We will do everything possible to resolve them.


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