Alterations and Tailor services offered at Maple Cleaners

Affordable Tailor & Alterations Services

We provide a wide range of alterations and tailor work to bring your garment to function again. No job is too big or too small for our Tailor. We have been altering and custom fitting your new or current wardrobe for the past twenty years. Our services include Men, Women, Kids, Bridal and Leather alterations, custom fitting, repair, and design at competitive prices.

Our turnaround is two to seven days. All garments are pressed complimentary after the alteration job is complete. For any urgent alterations needs, please explain your priority requirements to our counter staff or seamstress when you drop your order. We will do our best to coordinate a faster turnaround time.

Here is a list of alterations and tailoring services we provide:

– Adjust shirt sleeves
– Shirt taper to adjust sides
– Pants hem to shorten or lengthen them with or without cuffs
– Jeans original hem or regular hem
– Jackets shorten sleeves
– Adjust the sides of the Jacket all the way through the shoulder blades
– Men and Women’s Jacket take ins
– Dress hem, invisible zippers, or taper sides
– Skirt waist take in

We charge $18 to $20 for the hem of the pants, $25 for waist adjustment, and $45 to $95 for dress hem. For additional services and prices, please call us at 703 255 7100.

Button Repair Service

Do you have loose or missing buttons? Let us know so we can fix them for you.

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