Comforters Rugs Blankets Dry Cleaning

We clean rugs, blankets, comforters, curtains, drapery, cushion covers, and carpets. With special attention and deep cleaning, the fabrics will look and feel new and fresh once again. Specialized cleaning of those fabrics will enhance and prolong their lifespan by using our retexturing process. We clean rugs including but not limited to Navajo, Turkish, Afghani, Persian, Oriental, and other hand-woven rugs. You can save money with this month’s special promotion. Take advantage of our in-store drop off promotion of $21.99 to $39.99 for most comforters and blankets. Most rugs are $3.99 per square foot.

Rug Cleaning Process

We have innovated several cleaning procedures that include wool rug cleaning through a dry cleaning cycle as well as wet cleaning and higher extraction through the proper conditioning of your oriental rugs. Our prices are affordable. Each rug is analyzed and tested for colorfastness. Some rugs are hand-washed individually to eliminate the risk of dye or color bleeding and cross-contamination. Thinner rugs are vacuumed and dry cleaned with an objective of no usage of water. This process avoids rug shrinkage and color bleed issues.

Case Study 1: Oriental Rug Cleaning at Maple Cleaners
We had this customer stopped by looking for a significant discount in price for his rug. While our normal prices is $3.99 per sq foot, we looked at his rug and it did not have any spots or stains. We negotiated with the customer and added a discount to his expected budget. Then, we decided to dry clean the rug. The results came out to be better than expected! The customer was very happy with his price and quality. It turned out to be a win-win situation considering he recommended several friends to clean their rugs at our cleaners. Please check the following picture of his rug:

Oriental Rug Cleaning Case Study Example
Spots and Stain Cleaning on Oriental or Area Rugs

Did you spill milk, beer, wine, soda, or juice? Let us stop you crying! You can rely on Maple Cleaners. Just roll up your area rug or oriental rug and bring it into our plant. Our spotter shall pre-treat spots and stains using protein or tanning stain removers. We can also use paint oil and grease remover depending on the damage to your rug. Most of the spots or stains can be removed in 1 to 2 hours except for ink stains. Ink stains may take over 2 to 3 days depending on the severity of the damage. In some instances, we recommend the removal of fabric or strip the color entirely and touch up with a similar color to completely remove traces of ink.

Comforter and Blankets Cleaning Process

We have cleaned over 3000 comforters. We inspect the fabric and types of comforters such as cotton, wool, or down. We clean them through either wet cleaning procedure involving gentle cleaning and extraction as well as proper conditioning to reduce stretching and to eliminate odors. We also recommend to wet clean the majority of down comforters. This recommendation is against the trend of Dry Clean only label which many Chinese vendors slap on comforters to comply with the FTC laws. In reality, the wet cleaning process provides much better results.

Comforter Dry Cleaning Example
Pet and Urine Stains
Pet and Urine stains are common on comforters, blankets, rugs as well as dog and cat beds. In this instance, we pre-spot using protein stain removers (ammonium hydroxide) as well as reducing bleach. We also utilize bacteria and odor removal products to remove as much smell as possible.

DIY Rug Cleaning Tips
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