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It’s painful! You invest significant amount of money on beautiful dresses, designer suits and fancy skirts. You look fabulous, receive compliments and feel great. Then after wearing them just for the first time you find spots or stains on your favorite garment. You were hoping that you will receive compliments again and again. But now you wonder whether your favorite garment can be saved. Can Dry Cleaning process save it?

This is where Maple Cleaners can help you! Our experts are ready to clean your garment, remove as many spots and stains as possible and steam press it so that you look fabulous in your fresh and clean clothes. On a tight budget and want to do cleaning yourself at home? No problem. We can still help you. You can call us with your questions or concerns associated with using stain removers for your DIY cleaning or call us with questions associated with a good or bad experience at your dry cleaners where you grew up or where you went before giving us a try. We want to be with you every time when you need us and we believe this is the right away to create a long lasting relationship with our customers. Got spots? Questions? Give us a call.

Dry Cleaning process requires utmost care of fabric and accessories attached to the garment. Our cleaning procedure involves a comprehensive set of steps that require attention to detail and passion in cleaning. We guarantee that we will not break buttons – or – we will fix it for free.

Overcoat Dry Cleaning at Maple Cleaners 348 Maple Avenue West Vienna VA 22180

Shirt Cleaning procedure
– Review stains and spots identified by customers or the counter person
– If the spots are yellow or food stains, then apply our protein stain remover.
– If the spots are red or ink oriented, then apply our spot cleaning gun with light steam and relevant chemical.
– Clean collars and cuffs.
– Wash Whites in a long hot water cycle.
– Wash Darks and Reds in short cold water cycle.
– Apply starch cycle based on customer’s preference.
– Press collar and cuff first, then press body.
– Inspect for any wrinkles or pressing errors and correct them.
– Nicely assemble shirts so that customers can carry them easily in their car.

Dry Cleaning Procedure
We believe that dry cleaning is not an easy task. Dry cleaning machines shall not simply clean all spots and make clothes look beautiful. Manual inspection is required. Many of the garments can cost over $500. They require careful assessment of expected cleaning procedures. Our team takes utmost care of your garments by following these steps:
– Separate wools and follow traditional cleaning procedure to ensure that they do not shrink.
– Review all silks for color fastness. Follow manufacturer’s instructions and ensure that silks maintain the original luster and shine.
– Pre-treat garments that show visible spots and separate dry cleanable garments from wet cleanable garments.
– Clean darks, reds and lights separately. Ensure that full dry cleaning cycles are utilized for the best quality cleaning results.
– Utilize Jacket, Blouse and Pants steam press machines as well as hand iron and ensure that wrinkles or pressing errors are corrected.
– Nicely assemble lighter garments to the front and heavier garments to the back. Pack 2/3 piece and suites, dresses, etc. together.
– Warp garments with vinyl for long term protection.

Indian Saree Dry Cleaning Procedure
We take pride in cleaning Indian Pakistani and Bangladeshi Sari. Our customers come from Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland. We also have several customers in New York and New Jersey who send their silk saris to us via USPS shipping. The Saree cleaning service a delicate and artistic process. We follow these steps:
– Review the Saree material. If it is a plain Cotton Saree then clean it along with Darks or Whites in a separate bag.
– If the Saree has spandex or silk, then clean it separately using a traditional cleaning procedure and then roll press.
– Only perform gentle steam press on Sarees.
– If Saree has spots then spot clean the Saree first.

Wash Dry Fold Service
We will professionally Wash dry and fold your Clothes at only $1.79 per pound. Your clothes will be neatly folded and packed and ready to be put in the closet to save you time and money.

Dry Cleaning Duvet Covers and Comforters
Our duvet cover and comforter cleaning service helps you get rid of all types of dust mites bacteria and bedbugs. We utilize both protein stain removers and bacterial killers as part of a special gentle yet effective cleaning cycle that is programmed in our Unimac UC60 wet cleaning machine. Ultimately, this service is targeted to prevent allergies and restore your comforters and duvet covers to it’s natural condition. We target all types of bad smells to go away. The ultimate result should be sweet and fresh smell.

Dry Cleaning Services for Charity and Non Profit Organization
Coat Drive Inspiration! Several years ago we read about Klinke cleaners and were amazed that it has cleaned over 15000 coats for non-profits! What an amazing community service and what an inspiration! We called a few here in Fairfax County. We dealt with bureaucratic staff that we felt that we will never be able to provide a quality service for free of charge to any non profits! One fine morning we received a call from Ms Maria Small. She told us that their non profit needs help cleaning coats. Bam! There came Klinke cleaners in mind and you know what? We did it! We cleaned over 32 coats for Washington DC and Arlington’s children in need. Here is an example of our achievement!

Non Profit Coat Dry Cleaning inspired by Klinke Cleaners

How do you drop off your garment at the dry cleaners?

Step 1. Check and clear all pockets. Make sure that there is no money or coins left over. Also check whether there is any ink pen in your pockets. Remove important documents such as passports and license ids. Note that an ink pen can damage not only your garment but other customer’s garment as well if they are dried at the same time.
Step 2. Point any spots or stains to the front desk. Explain root causes of stains such as soda, beer, food, chocolate, wine or curry.
Step 3. Ask for prices before dropping garment. Some dry cleaners charge significantly higher fees to remove spots and stains.
Step 4. If price of cleaning is more than the garment you bought, ask yourself whether it is worth to keep this garment or better to just buy new.
Step 5. Ask dry cleaners to provide an invoice. Review the number of garment right away. Do not wait to find any mismatch until you go home.
Step 6. Provide a reasonable amount of cleaning time to dry cleaners. Many dry cleaners clean garment two or three times until spots are gone. Therefore, you are better off giving them more time.
Step 7. When you are ready to pick up garment, bring your invoice receipt. If showing up earlier than time indicated on the receipt, call the dry cleaners ahead of time.
Step 8. Reconcile number of garment and also review whether all alteration and tailoring activity are complete.

Should you donate or recycle your hangers at your local dry cleaners?

Donate your hangers at Maple Cleaners in Vienna

Do you know that we consume 1.6 times more than what we produce per year? Consequently, the Earth will overshoot with Carbon Emission foot print by 2030. Dry Cleaners have utmost responsibility in reducing the carbon foot print because of the chemicals and supplies they use. The best way you can help is by donating your hangers. It also helps to de-clutter your home and avoid filling up trash cans. The best way to organize hangers is to keep white hangers, coat hangers and pant hangers separately. You should save the twist ties that come with the garment. Once you are ready to drop off your garment at the dry cleaners, you can bring your used hangers for recycling.

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Have you ever experienced clothes shrinkage?

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If you need an expert help in fixing any of your shrunk garment, please give us a call at 703 255 7100 or stop by at our retail location in the Jades Shopping Center.