Military Uniform Dry Cleaning Examples

Military Uniform Cleaning

We are committed to Military Uniform Cleaning for two purpose. First, it helps us connect and learn from the men and women who serve our country. Second, it makes us feel proud in making them look well dressed. We want to make them ready to combat their day to day challenges. We find that having a military approach in dry cleaning such as written down processes, avoiding any type of gaps in responsibility and communication among staff members are great ways to achieve higher quality and user satisfaction.

Experience in military sleeve crease pressing
Military sleeve crease pressing require attention to detail. Our staff has experience in working on uniforms from customers serving Bolling Airforce Base, Fort Myer Base, Navy yard and Marine Barracks.

Matching our prices with your military base price list
In most cases we will match our prices with the prices at Pentagon, Fort Myers and Quantico military bases. Our objective is to remain affordable along with providing high quality cleaning and pressing.

Uniform alterations and repairs
Our onsite tailor shall hem your pants, repair or sew patches or adjust those sleeves on your jackets.

Military pants
The following is an example of US Army Blue Uniform Pant Trouser which contains both wool and polyester materials. Our experience has been that keeping the yellow line sharp and clean is very important. Many inexperienced dry cleaners fail to understand how to clean such pants for clean and well pressed results.

Military Pant With Yellow Stripe

Military jackets
The following is an example of US Army Uniform jacket which has been cleaned and pressed at Maple Cleaners. These jackets are heavy and require higher amount of steam pressure for better cleaning and pressing results.

Military Jacket Dry Cleaning

US Navy overcoat dry cleaning and pressing
Are you strong enough? Let us be very clear. These overcoats are not light weight toys made by Burberry or Nordstrom. They are tough and weigh 5 lbs each. So how do you clean them? Well, long dry cleaning cycle and higher temperatures along with pre-spotting to remove as many spots and stains as possible. Higher quality press requires longer cycle steaming and a physically strong staff!

US Navy Overcoat Cleaning and Pressing

This double breasted US Navy all weather coat features a 6 button front with waist belt and two deep hand pockets. The coat includes a removable zip out liner that can be left out for warm summer months and easily zips in for colder months. Military Uniform Cleaning for this coat requires separating the liner from the overcoat. Overcoat should be dry cleaned at a higher temperature. Liner should be wet cleaned to remove smell.

US Navy Blue All Weather Overcoat

Security uniforms
Security uniforms are similar to Military Uniforms in that they require longer cycle cleaning and quality press. We have served three security firms in Northern Virginia.

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