Same Day Service Dry Cleaning Laundry Drop Off

Same Day Service

At Maple Cleaners and Laundry we offer same day service for dry cleaning and laundry in our plant located at 348 Maple Avenue West Vienna VA 22180. On certain days, our tailor may be able to offer same day tailoring for quick jobs such as hemming and basic sewing. Please call us at 703 255 7100 to check if we can clean your garment for a faster turnaround requirement. Please note that there is an extra cost of $3 to $5 per garment after the 8am cut off time.

Customer Preference

We continue to notice that our customers demand a faster turn around. The reasons for same day dry cleaning include VIP business trips, wedding events, alumni meetings and a flight to catch. Some of our customers have a background in military, airline and executive committees. Time is money and faster turn around is always an expectation from dry cleaners.

24 Hours Dry Cleaning

Our plant has been organized to delivery same day or 24 hours dry cleaning. The activities for same day dry cleaning include our take the counter staff to take garment, provide you an invoice receipt for your record. After that our staff will tag your garment with individual labels specific to your garment so as to avoid garment being lost or mismatched. Then our cleaning staff shall clean the garment as soon as the next cleaning cycle is available. After cleaning, our pressing staff shall prioritize your garment and press them. Then our staff shall assemble bag and make the garment ready for your pick up.

Importance of Quality Standards for Faster Service

Our objective is that even for same day dry cleaning, the quality should remain superior and customer should be satisfied. Thus, we will pre-spot garment prior to cleaning. If some garment have very difficult stains then our counter staff may request you to be aware that same day dry cleaning may not remove these spots. In this entire process, our objective is to provide higher quality standards and differentiate ourselves from cheap and lower quality dry cleaners.

1 Hour Dry Cleaning

1 Hour Dry Cleaning is possible for ultra emergencies. In this case, we shall quickly wash or dry clean garment with short cycles. Then, we press them and make them ready. In many cases such as suits or blazers, we may recommend to properly steam press the garment while you wait at the counter so that you can pick up the garment at the same time you drop off your garment. 1 hour rapid services costs $3 to $5 extra per garment.