Wash Dry Fold Service

Wash Dry Fold. Same Day Service.

Did your washer break? Or Do not have time to do laundry? How about allocating just five minutes for this tedious and boring chore? Two minutes to drop and three minutes to pick up is all it takes for our Wash Dry Fold service.

Wash Dry Fold is just like going to your laundry room or a local laundromat. However, in this case, we do all the work for you. Just how your loved ones did it for you, we shall sort out the clothes and separate colors from whites as required. We shall wash your clothes in a separate washer and then dry your clothes in a separate dryer. Next, your clothes are neatly folded, socks are matched and the clothes are wrapped up nice and tidy like a present. They will be ready to be put in your closet. The cost of wash and fold in-store drop-off service is $1.99 per lb. The pickup and delivery rate is $2.49 per lb.

Please enjoy the following benefits with our Wash Dry Fold service:

1. Save numerous hours worth of time. Only two minutes to drop and two minutes to pick up.
2. Save electricity, water, and supply costs such as detergent and fabric softener sheets.
3. Reduce the stress of doing laundry and enjoy more time with your family.

The dollar value of your time
We know you are busy and your time has a dollar value. How would you like us to do your Complete Wash-Dry-Fold in only 5 minutes? 2 minutes to drop it off and 3 minutes to pick it up. If you have time to do laundry at home, then please check out Laundry DIY Tips.

Wash Dry Fold Process Details

Wash Dry Fold Laundry Process. Wash Dry Fold Procedure at Maple Cleaners & Laundry

1. We shall weigh, sort and separate all loads.
2. We take pride that your clothing and linens are always washed and dried individually.
3. We shall not combine your laundry into one machine with another customer’s as some of the laundromats do.
4. We utilize only Premium detergents and fabric softeners.
5. We take care in selecting the appropriate machine capacity to effectively allow the movement of items during the washing and drying periods.
6. Appropriate temperatures on washers and dryers are carefully selected to prevent shrinkage and damage to clothing and linens.
7. Once clothes are cleaned they are moved to the dryer. When completely dry they are immediately removed to prevent wrinkling.
8. Garment and linens are meticulously folded. The Folded Items are then bagged and are ready for your pick-up.

Pickup and Delivery Service

We also offer pick up and delivery for your garments. You can put them in a laundry bag or any plastic bag and leave them outside. Schedule a pick-up from our main page and we will come within 24 hours. The rate for on-demand service is $2.49 per lb. Comforters, Blankets, and Rugs are charged separately per piece. 

Commercial and Hotel Accounts
Maple Cleaners go beyond standard laundry services by providing commercial laundry services to a wide range of businesses throughout Northern Virginia. Our personalized service will ensure that your items are packaged to suit your needs. Our objective is an excellent finished product. We accept monthly billing or credit card if required.

Our commercial clients include:
Beauty Salons in Vienna
Health Spa in McLean
Medical and Chiropractor clinics in Vienna
Fitness clubs in Dunn Loring
Hotels in Tysons Corner

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