During July 2016, we received this “it’s never too late to be a cowboy.” T-shirt for dry cleaning. The fabric included grease stains on it’s sleeves. Our spotter used de-greasers and steam gun as part of the pre-spotting process. After pre-spotting, we dry cleaned the T-shirt and inspected for any last traces of stains. Once the stains were all clear, our jacket presser steamed and ironed the T-shirt.

Stain Removal Case Study 1 - Grease on Sleeve

Stain Removal Cast Study 1 - Grease Stain Removed

If you were to remove similar stains at home, we recommend using color safe bleach such as Oxi-Clean and soak the T-shirt in cold water for about 4 to 8 hours. Another alternative is to use Shout and leave it on the garment overnight. Do you have any recommendation or a DIY tip? Let us know in the comment section below.