The luckiest woman in the world – First Lady Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Indian Saree Dry Cleaning

If you think there is any other woman in this world luckier than the First Lady Michelle Obama then think again! We know that the first lady will tell us that she believes in hard work more than the luck. After all she went to Harvard and so did the President Barack Obama! So why do we call her lucky? Well, she is the only woman in this world who received 100 silk Sarees as a gift. More importantly, she has received one Saree that can entirely fit in a matchbox. Now, wait a minute. Can a huge Saree fit inside a matchbox? Yes, it can! Look at the picture below by an ingenuous weaver!

Genius Indian Saree Weaver

The luckiest dry cleaners in the world – Maple Cleaners?

Being in Washington DC Metro area, we have an experience of cleaning over 200 Indian Sarees. With great pride, we invite the First Lady to let us clean her Sarees. The Saree cleaning procure is rather complex and requires ability to assess silk, cotton, rayon etc fabrics. Once the fabric is assessed, we will decide whether to wet clean the Saree, dry clean with Perc or hydrocarbon. Each dry clean solvent type provides specific benefits. E.g. Perc would not bleed colors – but – garment glue will be melted in Perc. Hydrocarbon works best for Sarees that have beads but no glue.