Leather & Suede Dry Cleaning

Leather & Suede Dry Cleaning at Maple Cleaners

We take pride in cleaning leather jackets, suede coats, fur overcoats along with dresses and blouses that include leather or suede accessories. Genuine leather, suede & fur clothing are personal. They contain sentimental value in your closet. They also show wear and tear rather fast. Just put on your leather jacket for a day and you may find it wrinkly. As a professional suede, leather & fur cleaner we find that it is important to preserve finish, feel and color.

Leather Cleaning

As part of the leather cleaning process. We focus on removing stains scuffs and scrapes. During this process we need to make sure that the leather’s shine and color are preserved. The appearance of the leather needs to remain in a good shape. As part of the cleaning cycle we are focused on removing stains dirt and grease. Essential oils may require replenishing. These oils are made of tanning oils to make sure that your leather garment are in their best shape.

Leather Color Restoration

Your leather jackets may have had exposure to significant sun light or dirt that can make it look old. Our staff reviews color that may fade and restore color on an as needed basis. Our staff shall inspect each garment for color and shades.

Handbags, Gloves, Ugg Boots

We also dry clean handbag, jacket, pants, gloves, and Ugg boots.

How to clean Leather and Suede Jackets at Home

If you are short on budget and prefer to rather clean leather items at home, please check the following how to guide. Please use extra caution in regards to color loss.

Buy woolite from your local grocery store. The price at Giant on Maple Avenue is Vienna is approximately $9 for a small bottle. The comparative cost at your local Costco may be lower.

Fill a bucket with water and pour three cups of woolite in it.

Put the leather jacket inside out in the bucket for approximately 30 seconds. Check whether the color is leaking. If the color is leaking then wash the leather item with hands for two or three minutes. Then rinse it three times and hang dry.

If the leather jacket does not leak color then you can wash the jacket for 5 to 7 minutes. Subsequently, you can use rinse and spin cycle in your front loading washer.

The procedure is almost complete. Finally, hang dry your jacket. Wait for 2 to 4 hours and lightly stem inside materials.

Once the jacket is clean, apply conditioner evenly with a cotton towel.

Our drop off location

If you need to drop off your leather items, then we are ready to clean your items. We are located at Maple Cleaners & Laundry 348 Maple Avenue West Vienna VA 22180. The location is inside Jades shopping center right next to Social Burger and Organic Nails and Spa.